About Tios Capital

Tios Capital is a Quantitative Investment Firm making investments in wholesale electricity. We are best classified as a proprietary trading firm.

Our co-founders, Duncan Rein and Brian Fujito, launched the company in 2012 and began transacting in the spring of 2013. We have steadily grown over the years with healthy growth in returns and are now trading in five wholesale electricity markets across the United States: CAISO, ERCOT, MISO, PJM, and SPP.

Tios Capital would be characterized as a small business that innovates aggressively. Our model is to steadily grow a small, but highly talented team of professionals who thrive off of problem solving with complex data and computing. We have teams in two locations. Our Trading Team is based in Birmingham, Alabama and focuses on day-to-day trading and building market knowledge. Our Alexandria, Virginia team consists of our Tech and Quant Teams. Our Quant Team works with our Trading Team to enhance our trading strategies and devises new strategies. Our Tech Team designs and builds the technical infrastructure and software systems that make trading possible. There is a high degree of collaboration across our Trading, Tech, and Quant Teams.

Our team is comfortable juggling diverse responsibilities, quickly understands complex information, and brings their expertise to bear in problem solving. We have high expectations for our people and are committed to invest heavily in each individual's professional growth.

When you join Tios Capital, you will be able to contribute your expertise and quickly see your impact while receiving investment in your professional and personal development from company leaders, including our co-founders.

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